Pro-Jet Démolition is proud to offer an array of services in the demolition field.

Whether your project is a small selective demolition or the complete demolition of a vast building, Pro-Jet Démolition has the knowledge and the resources to fulfill the task.

Decontamination and mold

Mold can be harmful for a building’s occupants.  Therefore, the decontamination must be done scrupulously.  Pro-Jet Démolition has the necessary knowledge and expertise to fully conduct this type of project.


A building must undergo stripping procedures in order to be renovated.  Whether it’s the removal of small or large parts of the building, we have the equipment as well as the skilled workforce for this kind of intervention.


The total or partial demolition of a building requires savoir-faire as it consists in risky operations. Unfortunately, you just can’t improvise yourself as a demolition worker! Pro-Jet Démolition makes of this market its specialty.  For over 35 years, our founder President’s family has been working in the business. There is no doubt about our expertise in that matter!

Asbestos removal

We can nowadays find asbestos in a number of buildings as it was used in construction for a long time. Asbestos needs to be removed when renovating or demolishing these buildings. It is of highly importance that the removal operation be done in an upmost carefulness as people’s security could be compromised. Pro-Jet Démolition has the full expertise in order to conduct this mandate in an efficient and secure manner.

Heavy and light equipment rentals

You are working on a project and you need heavy or light equipment? Pro-Jet Démolition can help! We can provide the appropriate equipment at a very competitive price.

Labor force

The work load is too much?  You can count on us! Our team consists of competent and experienced workers that can efficiently assist you in your work project.

Recycling and sale of equipment and materials

We have a yard opened to public where you can find used construction materials such as: steel, wood, concrete blocks, brick, windows, doors and much more, all at a very good price.

Sawing and drilling

Concrete sawing and drilling requires specialized equipment. Once more, Pro-Jet Démolition can come to the rescue.  We have the appropriate resources in order to fully execute the work, no matter its extent.

Stripping and refinishing of concrete floors

Thanks to recent acquisitions, Pro-Jet Demolition is now able to offer its customers a complete service for the refurbishment of your concrete floors. We have the equipment needed to strip, sand and polish your floors efficiently. Following our intervention, they will be ready to receive new flooring quickly.

Container Rentals

Afin d'offrir un service clef en main à nos clients, tout en bénéficiant d'un avantage d'économie de volume sur le coût de vos projets, nous venons tout juste d'ajouter la division conteneur et transport à notre groupe de créneaux. Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que Pro-Jet A&A Division Conteneur a pris sont envole le 17 août 2016