Our Equipment


Heavy equipment

Heavy work calls for heavy equipment!  Pro-Jet Démolition owns equipment that can overcome the most gruelling tasks.  Furthermore, our machinery is specifically adapted to the needs of the tasks executed.


Light equipment

For smaller tasks or to assist our heavy equipment, we also have a great range of machinery that allows us to perform more delicately.  Some of our machineries are equipped with catalysts while others are electrical. This allows us to perform efficient work even inside buildings or limited spaces.



In order for our sites to be as efficient as possible, we have a truck fleet that provides equipment, tools or materials in addition to the evacuation of the removed materials.


Specialized equipment

We own a large range of tools including specialized equipment such as:

  • Massive production floor tile removal machinery
  • Roof membrane cutter suitable in asbestos conditions and approved by the CSST
  • Large size concrete saw

Concrete floors renovation

Equipment for stripping and sanding concrete slabs:

  • Machine to remove floor tiles with an impressive production capacity
  • Machine for sanding and polishing concrete floors